Empowering  you to Embrace. Emerge. Become. All you were created to be!

Dr. Shiral

Transforming lives from the inside out!

Dr. Shiral M. Green-Smith, BIOGRAPHY

Dr. Shiral is the Founder and CEO of RALSHI Ministries, A Transformation Outreach.

She is an inspirational/Motivational speaker, author, and gifted psalmist who ministers under a Prophetic Anointing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education and Biblical Studies. She also holds a Doctorate Degree in Sacred music.

The calling of God upon her life is unique, in that she ministers Restoration, Acceptance, Love, Salvation, Healing, and Inspiration to youth, and young women and men, who are bound by insecurities, complexities and tragedies that have pervaded their lives. Much like the caterpillar matures from the cocoon to the butterfly; her prayer is to provoke individuals God has assigned to her to embrace the process of change, and discover and become all God has created them to be. With this understanding, men and women of God will be empowered to Transform like the beauty of a butterfly and Soar with the strength of an eagle into their Destiny.

"Just as the Caterpillar Goes into the Cocoon And Emerges As a Beautiful Butterfly... God Is Calling You To Become Everything He's Created You To Be! EMBRACE, EMERGE, BECOME..."

~Dr. Shiral